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Tim Blackburn

Tim Blackburn

Blackburn Accounting – Your family Business Specialist, Speaker

Coming from humble beginnings, of a farmer’s son, one is taught hard work, perseverance and community spirit from a very early age.  This has allowed Tim to follow his passions.

Tim Blackburn has developed his craft for over 20 years. Tim Blackburn is the owner of Blackburn Accounting a successful accounting practice specialising in Family Business Accounting here in Perth.  Tim was elected to the position of State President of CPA Australia in 2014.  An accounting association with over 11,000 members. Tim was also voted on to the Board of Asetts in 2015, a not for profit organisation providing services to new migrants to Australia who have experienced trauma.


Estelita Pearce

B. S. Pharmacy: Wellness Empowerment & Mindset Coach; Inspirational Speaker

Estelita Dela Cruz Pearce is a wholistic wellness empowerment coach and inspirational speaker who’s passion is to help stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out professionals, health care providers, practitioners, coaches, intuitive, healers, speakers to revitalised their health & wellbeing, so they can continue  living their life’s purpose doing what they love.

Formerly a clinical pharmacist,
Estelita became a practitioner of various natural healing modalities She had overcome 22 years of chronic pain, repetitive syndrome injury, stage 4 ovarian cancer, and stroke.  This experience led to her to fulfilling career as a wholistic wellness empowerment coach and speaker.

With over 23 years of experience working with hundreds of people, she integrates a combination of Orthodox and the best healing tools in Natural Medicine approach to guide her client’s healing journey to wholeness of body mind & spirit.

Estelita strongly believes that no matter how worse a person perceives their health condition may be, they can learn to tap into the innate power of their body mind system, when they shift their mindset to wellness.  She is the living proof, as she walks her talk

She  leaves a long lasting impact on everyone whose lives are touched by her story, purpose and healing genius.

In her keynote presentation, she takes audience to an experiential journeyeach is unique to its own involving her audience to experience their power over negative or positive thoughts, feeling and emotions so they can restore their state of peace, joy and harmony within.

Joshua McNess

Joshua Paul McNess

Joshua McNess is a young man on a mission. He wants the best in life for himself and others. His silent struggles from poor health, bullying, depression while growing up. He achieved a powerful breakthrough within six months, which has inspired him to help others like himself get their life back on track.

He has teamed up with Estelita Pearce, his wellness mentor to create the Awakening Event to hold for people like himself, for people to seek a deeper connection to their best version, of themselves. His mission is to guide people to re-connect to the powerful part of themselves and live a more purposeful life which is within each individuals values.

Carole Bruce