Speakers Bureau Online Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Our First Keynote Speaker is Flor Canning.

Flor Canning has an MBA (Master in Business Administration) and Postgraduate in Business Leadership from ECU.

A Certified Meta Dynamics (NLP) Practitioner, she has over 20 years’ experience working with global leaders across many industries such as Foreign Affairs in Australia and Peru, SMC Support Services/Murrin Murrin Mine site, and IGA Dalkeith. She is a result-oriented Coach Mentor Business Trainer empowering Entrepreneur and Business Leaders. 

She is the Director for Australia-Peru Chamber of Commerce in WA and the CEO of Dynamic Transformational Leadership since 2017.

Flor Canning had served as Consul Ad Honorem, for the Republic of Peru in Western Australia for 8 years. 

Target Audience:

Men and Women Age 30-50yrs. plus

Leaders & Influencers, CEO’s, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors & Business owners

Title of Keynote :  Effective Leadership

3 Steps to become Effective Leaders

Learning Points: 

  1. Your role as leader
  2. Big Picture (Vision & Mission)
  3. Coaching & Mentoring
  4. Make Room for Mistakes
  5. Empower your Team

Our Second Keynote Speaker is Sheri McCarthy.

Sheri McCarthy is currently working as an aged care support care work with Melville cares. She works mostly with people with Dementia. She’s a proud mum of 2 boys.

Sheri is a stroke survivor and she would like to share her story with you.
She is currently working on the first draft of her autobiography and hope that by telling her story, she inspire others.

Target audience: Healthcare industry and other Stroke Survivors.

Title of Keynote: Stroke, My Story

Learning Points:

  • What is Stroke?
  • How it Impacted my Life
  • How I Changed my Ways to Cope
  • How I can Help Others

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