Speakers Bureau Meeting 21 April 2020

Speakers Bureau Online Zoom meeting on, Tuesday 21 April 2020.

Our First Keynote Speaker  is Carole Bruce DTM.

CaroleBruce Carole Bruce passion is working with nature and harnessing the best out of it.  Thus her love of essential oils grew to a thriving new venture.

 Carole’s keynote will Uncover the 3 Essentials with Essential Oils:

  • The Nature of Essential Oils
  • The Benefits of Essential Oils
  • Tips for Sourcing the Best Essential Oils

Our Second Keynote Speaker is Estelita DC Pearce

Estelita Profile Photo 4Estelita DC Pearce is one of our founding members of WA Speakers Bureau. Formerly a Clinical & Industrial Pharmacist. Her chronic health challenges led her to become a practitioner of various Natural Healing Modalities in Complimentary Medicine, such as Body Mind Energy Connection, TCM, Nutrition, Human Behaviour etc.

Estelita is a Result Oriented holistic Wellness Coach & Mentor to Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneur’s.

Keynote: Your Life is Your message

5 Steps to effectively deliver your story Message, that impact people’s lives and get paid doing what you love!

Learning Points:

  • Connection is Everything ( C. A. M. )
  • Authenticity – Who are you? Your Value? What do you stand for?
  • Avatar / Niche / Target Audience -Who do you serve?
  • Credibility -Knowledge, Genius or Gift, Experience, Wisdom
  • Embodiment— Walk Your Talk

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