What is the Speakers Bureau

…your next step in becoming a professional speaker.  

Our mission is to connect our members with speaking engagements that add value to the community, promote Toastmasters, and advance the speaker’s career.

We support the community by providing outstanding speakers for local businesses and organizations. At the same time, our members get the opportunity to showcase their presentation skills to the community they wish to serve in alignment to their own interests/talents/expertise.

Speakers Bureau members cater for members at two different levels, those who want to develop keynote speeches and those who are qualified speakers who live in Western Australia.

In order to become a qualified speaker there is Qualifying process. Whereby you prepare a 20-minute presentation just as if you were going to speak in the community. Dress appropriately, choose your topic, and practice! You’ll speak before a group of judges. They will vet you on their perception on how well you will represent D17 Toastmasters in the community and on how much value you will bring.

Speaking engagements arranged through the District 17 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau are a complimentary community service. If you wish to make arrangements on your own for a subsequent presentation to the same group, there is no restriction.

Member Benefits

  • Develop your signature speech, in supportive environment that challenge you to bring out the best in you
  • Chance to work with accomplished Qualified Speakers who will mentor and guide you
  • Connect you to speaking engagements throughout the state of Western Australia
  • Bridge the gap between speaking for free and speaking for a fee
  • Expand your personal and professional network and networth!
  • Training on how to promote yourself as a professional speaker, coach, consultant, trainer
  • Valuable resources to develop great speech materials and a speaker’s biography
  • Opportunities to promote your expertise and professional services to your target market/community you want to serve
  • Free advertising that enhances your visibility and social contact with the local communities
  • Access to a pool of presenters for training, Speechcraft, club meetings, your other organizations
  • Promote Toastmasters in Western Australia

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